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ERW Pipes Manufacturers in Mumbai

ASHWAMEDH ENGINEERS is a Leading Manufacturers of ERW Pipes in India

Electrical Resistance Welding Pipes

Production Discription :-

As an ERW pipe producer in India, Ashwamedh Engineers manufactures ERW pipes (MS Black and Galvanized) in a variety of sizes, grades, and standards in accordance with numerous national and international specifications (IS, BS API, ASTM, DIN). To fulfil the demands of industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, public health, housing, irrigation, engineering, etc., MSL has been consistently accomplishing need-based demanding orders for ERW Pipes.

A variety of engineering projects use ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) pipes, which are offered in the quality, thicknesses, dimensions, diameters, and other configurations requested by the clients. One of Mumbai's top manufacturers of ERW pipes is DHY Trading Corporation. We have ERW Pipes in every standard you need, and we're even willing to modify them as necessary.

Cold shaping steel coils into a cylindrical pipe shape produces ERW pipe. These are used to transport any liquid, including gasoline and other gases. To assure the durability of the metal pipes, we use the best technology, high-quality, control-rolled, low steel, and other raw materials. As trustworthy ERW Steel Pipe Suppliers and Exporters from India, we provide high-quality pipes right to your front door.


Smaller deviations than other pipes.

Dimensionally precise.

Excellent mechanical characteristics.

Heightened productivity.

Only the ends of tube billets are heated during production.

Maintain cleanliness only welded pieces need to be cleaned.


There are several uses for ERW pipes, including scaffolding, fencing, and line pipe. There are many diameters, wall thicknesses, finishes, and grades of ERW steel pipes.

Water pipelines

Agriculture & irrigation (Water mains, industrial water pipe lines, plant piping, deep tube-wells & casing pipes, sewerage piping)

Gas pipe lines

LPG and other non-toxic gas lines

ERW Pipes Manufacturers in Mumbai
ERW Pipes Manufacturers in Maharashtra