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Ashwamdedh Engineers emerged as one of the largest manufacturer of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Pipes in Mumbai, Maharashtra, india. We have been serving customers since last two decades and today we supply an internation market with standard quality pipe products designed for a huge number of commercial applications.

Pipe and piping is a essential segment for lots of organizations, particularly the OCTG business. Carbon steel pipe is usually utilized in a wide scope of utilizations and in light of the fact that steel is liable to oxidation and consumption, the steel must be ensured. A standout amongst the most prominent approaches to protect piping, includes Fusion Bonding Pipe Coatings. This procedure gives various advantages and can serve a wide different uses.

Fusion Bonded epoxy coating, also known as fusion-bond epoxy powder coating pipe and commonly referred to as FBE coating, is an epoxy-based powder coating that is widely used to protect steel pipe used in pipeline construction, concrete reinforcing bars (rebar) and on a wide variety of piping connections, valves etc. from corrosion.

FBE coatings are thermoset polymer coatings. They come under the category of protective coatings in paints and coating nomenclature.

The name fusion-bond epoxy is due to resin cross-linking and the application method, which is different from a conventional paints. The resin and hardener components in the dry powder FBE stock remain unreacted at normal stroage conditions.

At typical coating application temperatures, usually in the range of 180 to 2500c (356 to 4820F), the contents of the powder melt and transform to al loiquid from. The liquid FBE film wets and flows onto the steel surface on which it si applied, and soon becomes a solid coating by chemical cross-linking, assisted by heat.

This process is known as "fusion bonding". The chemical cross-linking reaction taking place in this case is irreversible. Once the curing takes place,the coating cannot be returned to its original form by any means. Application of further heating will not "melt" the coating and thus it is known as a "thermoset" coating.

As one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating pipe in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, We have a strong and strict quality control system to meet full satisfaction and requirement of the customers. Our manufacturing flexibility enables us to meet even the most stringent customer requirement, especially those of steel grade, lot size and deliveries. We supply fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Pipe in Mumbai, Gujarat, Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Kolkata, New Delhi, Surat and cover all parts of India.

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